Goddess Lakshmi (देवी लक्ष्मी)

Goddess Lakshmi (देवी लक्ष्मी)

Mahalakshmi Mantra (महालक्ष्मी मंत्र) – ॐ सर्वाबाधा विनिर्मुक्तो, धन धान्यः सुतान्वितः। मनुष्यो मत्प्रसादेन भविष्यति न संशयः ॐ ।।

Goddess Lakshmi is one of the most worshiped Hindu deity. She is a symbol of;

  • Wealth

  • Fortune

  • Prosperity

Goddess Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu. Kamala (कमला), Mahalakhsmi (महालक्ष्मी) and Shridevi (श्रीदेवी) are her other names . Along with Goddess Parvati and Goddess Saraswati she she forms a trinity, popularly known as Tridevi (त्रिदेवी).

The birth of Goddess Lakshmi:

According to Hindu mythology Goddess Lakshmi was born from the churning of the ocean “Sagar Manthan (सागर मंथन)” and she chose Lord Vishnu as her husband. During the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Ram Krishna on the earth, she accompanied him as Sita and Rukmini respectively. The relationship between Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi is considered for the bride and groom in Hindu weddings.

Posture of Goddess Lakshmi:

Goddess Lakshmi is a female deity having a very beautiful face with golden complexion. She holds a lotus flower in her one hand and  and coins flows from her second hand. Her vehicle is considered to be an owl sitting on a pink lotus. Her four hands represent the four aspects of the human life, these are the following;

  • Dharma ( धर्म )

  • Karma ( कर्मा ) 

  • Artha ( अर्थ )

  • Moksha ( मोक्ष )

She always wears red clothes and ornaments made up with Gold.

Diwali, Dhanteras, Sharad Purnima are the festivals of goddess Lakshmi. Friday is the day of goddess Lakshmi in Hindu religion. She is the Goddess of good luck, wealth and beauty. She is the household and domestic goddess.

Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in eight forms named as Asta-Lakshmi, These are the following;

  1. Aadi Lakshmi – she is the greatest Lakshmi also known as Maha- Lakshmi. She is the wife Lord Vishnu living with him in Vaikuntha (वैकुण्ठ लोक) as Lakshmi-Narayana.
  2. Dhana Lakshmi – she is the Goddess of Dhana, which means money. She is represented as six –armed holding discus, conch, pitcher, bow-arrow, lotus and flowing coins.
  3. Dhanya Lakshmi – she is the goddess of dhanya means food grains, nutrients and minerals required for a healthy body. She is shown as eight arms carrying two lotuses, mace, paddy, sugarcane and bananas. The other two hands are in the abhaya and var mudra.
  4. Gaja Lakshmi – she is the elephant Lakshmi who was born from the churing of the ocean. She is represented by two elephants flowing with water in back and she is sitting on a lotus. She has four arms holding two lotuses, flowing coins and in var mudra.
  5. Santana Lakshmi – She is the goddess of wealth of good children. She has six arms holding two pitchers, sword,shield,children and in abhaya mudra.
  6. Veera Lakshmi – she is the goddess of courage,power and strength. She has eight arms carrying discus,conch,bow-arrow,sword and two hands in abhaya and var mudra. She is worshiped to gain power and strength in war or difficulties of life.
  7. Vidya Lakshmi – she is the goddess of education and knowledge. She has four arms carrying two lotuses and in abhaya and var mudra. She is sitting on the lotus wearing white sari.
  8. Vijaya Lakshmi – She is the goddess of victory in all aspects of the life. She is worshiped for victory in struggles. She has eight arms carrying discus, conch, sword, shield, noose and a lotus. The other two hands are in the abhaya and var mudra. She is also known as ‘Jaya-Lakshmi’.