Hindu Symbols

Hindu Symbols

Hindu Symbols

Hindu religion has some specific symbols. In the Hindu religion, some symbols are used to represent God or the Supreme Power of God. These symbols may be words, numbers, or geometrical shapes. The symbols are considered very sacred and holy. In Hindu rituals, these symbols are often used. These holy symbols are sources of infinite power and energy. These sacred symbols are an internal part of traditional Hindu followers. These signs are very spiritual and represent the great Sanatan Dharma.

Om is one of the most sacred symbols in the Hindu religion. Om is a mantra itself. Om is a core power of the almighty God who is creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe. Om is a Supernatural sound. Om is also used in meditation and yoga practices to achieve internal calm. in the Hindu religion, several mantras start from the word om. om is a very powerful and spiritual word. it is a source of ultimate spiritual energy.

Swastik is another religious symbol in the Hindu religion. Swastik is made up of right-angle arms of equal length and perpendicular to the adjacent arms. this sacred symbol attracts good energy and keeps negative energy away. it brings good luck, fortune, and prosperity. Hindu followers draw Swastik in every occasion of Hindu rituals. in the Hindu religion, the Swastik sign is always made before starting new work. it is a very Holy sign.

Shivalingam is a symbol of Hindu God Shiva. it is an icon of the infinite power and energy of God Shiva. in the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Lingam. Lingam is usually a cylindrical object placed on a circular base. it is a source of supernatural energy and power. it is a devotional image of the Hindu religion. Shiva lingams are often established in the Hindu temples or shivalayas.

Tilak is a mark drawn on the forehead of Hindu followers. it is a vertical line made up of colour. U-shaped Tilak is often used by the devotees of Lord Vishnu. They belong to the Vaishnav community. Tilak is a sign of victory and courage also. It is a very Holy and auspicious sign in the Hindu religion.

Tripunda is a combination of three horizontal lines with a dot in the middle. it is drawn on the forehead, arms, and chest. The followers of Lord Shiva mark tripund tilak of ashes on their bodies.

Shri is a symbol of prosperity. it is an ancient Sanskrit icon. in the Hindu religion, Shri represents the Goddess Lakshmi. Shri is used to give respect and Honour in the Hindu religion. It is a very sacred image and is often drawn before the names of the Hindu gods.

Shriyantra is a complex geometrical image. the word Shri means Goddess Lakshmi. Shri Yantra is an instrument of the Goddess Lakshmi. Shriyantra is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. it is an auspicious devotional diagram. Hindu followers keep and worship Shriyantra in their homes and workplaces for future success. it is a source of cosmic and spiritual energy.

The flag is a symbol of victory. it is a triangular-shaped symbol. a red or Saffron-colored flag is often used on the top of Hindu temples. A flag sign is a very important and ancient symbol of Hinduism.

Shankh is another sacred symbol in the Hindu religion. A shank is a conch shell and a musical instrument often used in Hindu rituals. the sign of shankh belongs to Hindu God Vishnu. the symbol of shankh is supposed to be very lucky and fortunate.

Chakra is also a sacred symbol in the Hindu religion. A Chakra is a discus and related to Hindu God Vishnu. He carries a discus and its name is Sudarshan Chakra. the sign of Chakra brings good fortune and safety.