Mirabai: The Legendary Indian Saint and Devotee of Lord Krishna

Mirabai: The Legendary Indian Saint and Devotee of Lord Krishna


Mirabai, also known as Jashoda Rao Ratan Singh Rathore, was a renowned Indian saint and the epitome of devotion to Lord Shri Krishna. Her life and unwavering love for the divine have left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions. Born in the 16th century in the village of Kudaki near Merta, Rajasthan, Mirabai’s story continues to inspire and captivate spiritual seekers to this day.

A Rajput Princess and Devotee:

Mirabai was born into royalty, the daughter of Rajput king Ratan Singh Rathore and Veer Kumari. Growing up in the Krishna-conscious atmosphere of her household, she developed a deep connection with Lord Shri Krishna from a tender age. Her profound love for the lord began when she was merely four years old, and she spent most of her time engrossed in adoration of his idol.

The Divine Marriage:

Inquisitive by nature, Mirabai once witnessed a marriage ceremony and asked her mother about her future husband. To her astonishment, her mother pointed towards the idol of Lord Shri Krishna and declared that he was her destined husband. This revelation laid the foundation for Mirabai’s unwavering devotion to the lord throughout her life.

Marriage and Devotion:

When Mirabai reached adulthood, her father arranged her marriage to Prince Bhojraj Singh, the son of Rana Sangha of Chittore in the Mewar kingdom. Her husband, who later became famous as Rana Kumbha, wholeheartedly supported and encouraged her devotion to Lord Shri Krishna. In fact, he constructed a Krishna temple near their palace, where Mirabai would spend hours singing, dancing, meditating, and worshiping the divine idol. She also engaged in Satsang with saints, further nurturing her spiritual growth.

Challenges and Unyielding Devotion:

Unfortunately, not all of Mirabai’s relatives embraced her unwavering devotion. Her mother-in-law insisted that she worship the goddess instead of Lord Shri Krishna, but Mirabai remained steadfast in her love and affection for the lord. Jealousy fueled the actions of some relatives, who spread false rumors about Mirabai’s character. They even accused her of having relationships with other men. However, Mirabai’s devotion remained unshaken, and she continued to commune with the idol of Lord Shri Krishna, even when others falsely perceived her actions.

The Path of Sacrifice:

After the death of Rana Kumbha in a war, Mirabai immersed herself completely in the devotion of Lord Shri Krishna. The royal family, feeling threatened by her unconventional path, made numerous attempts on her life. They even tried to poison her, but Mirabai, undeterred, offered the poison to the lord as prasad (sacred offering).

Eventually, Mirabai was forced to leave the palace due to the family’s concerns about their reputation. Fearlessly, she embarked on a journey through the hot and sandy lands of Rajasthan. Guided by the divine, she received a message from Lord Shri Krishna to move to Vrindavan and Brijdham, where she would find solace and a deeper connection with her beloved deity. Mirabai embraced this call, realizing that her true and eternal relationship was with the divine alone.

A Devotee Like No Other:

Mirabai’s name and legacy are etched in the annals of history. She is celebrated as a great devotee who loved Lord Shri Krishna not only as a husband but also as a child, friend, father, mother, and every other possible relation. She shared meals and drinks with the lord, sang soul-stirring bhajans, and penned numerous poems dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna. As she roamed the streets, she played the enchanting melodies of devotion on her beloved iktara, a musical instrument.

The Spiritual Luminary:

Mirabai’s devotion transcended her royal lineage and the luxuries of life. Fearless, compassionate, graceful, and simple in nature, she saw the presence of Lord Shri Krishna everywhere. Her devotional songs and poems captivated the hearts of many during her time. In fact, even the great Mughal emperor Akbar, along with his esteemed musician Tansen, sought an audience with Mirabai. The emperor, deeply moved by her devotion, paid homage by touching her feet as a mark of respect.

The Eternal Departure:

According to historical accounts, Mirabai left this mortal realm in 1547 at the Ranachordas temple in Dwarka, Gujarat. Though physically departed, her spirit and devotion continue to inspire countless souls on the path of divine love.

A Timeless Symbol of Love and Devotion:

Mirabai remains an eternal symbol of love, dedication, devotion, and sacrifice for Lord Shri Krishna. Her revered presence can still be felt at the fort of Chittorgarh in Rajasthan, India. Mirabai stands as an ideal for all devotees of the divine, reminding them of the true essence of unwavering devotion.


Mirabai’s profound devotion and unwavering love for Lord Shri Krishna have made her one of the greatest devotees of the Kaliyuga. Her life serves as a beacon of light, guiding spiritual seekers toward a deeper connection with the divine. Mirabai’s story will forever be intertwined with the name of Lord Shri Krishna, inspiring generations to come with her unparalleled devotion and sacrificial spirit.